Enterprise System Legacy

Portalz has solutions to legacy architecture and security problems.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set
that created them.”
Albert Einstein

Legacy software architecture and database engineering has numerous problems that stem from the mind set of our IT pioneers. Many established architectural and procedural paradigms have been adopted as 'the way IT is done', the accepted norm, and have become embedded in IT curriculum.

Very rarely does the accepted norm get challenged.

Our team has dared to investigate core assumptions of the IT curriculum and have discovered the cause of numerous problems assumed to be 'the cost of doing IT'. In the course of 20 years of R&D to solve these problems, our revolutionary solutions have encountered this status quo resistance and inertia.

Major core assumptions investigated by our team include:

With the advent of Quantum Computer threats to all encryption based security and rising demand for Trust Platforms, legacy IT problems are dramatically highlighted.

We needed to start from the ground up because conventional norms cannot deliver future requirements!

Future Proofing Enterprise Systems

Portalz solutions to entrenched legacy problems have evolved over 20 years of R&D and commercial enterprise platforms delivered with our revolutionary architectures and techniques.

Our database architecture is similar to biologic DNA, natures flexible database structure. By comparison, legacy databases are rigid and crystalline.

Our Data Neutral Architecture is the primary catalyst for your future proof platform:

Pillars DNA Quantum Proof Trust

Portalz DNA architecture seamlessly integrates revolutionary Quantum Proof Data Security and Quantum Secure Blockchain Trust.

The resulting platform is a perfect synergy of:

Engineers remain focused on client deliverables as unprecedented service re-use; security and trust manifest transparently.

Portalz revolutionary concepts and paradigms challange the accepted IT curriculum and lay the foundation for a robust, unlimited and secure IT future.