Fractal Transformation Impenetrable Fractal Transformation data security.
Fractal Encryption Standard Standardised Fractal Transformation configuration.
Classic Encryption Classic encryption, such as AES, has always been penetrable
Impenetrable Security Guaranteed Impenetrable Security - engineering fractal infinity
Quantum Attack Massively parallel and quantum computers undermine global security foundations
Post-Quantum Solution Our post AI Quantum solution.

Fractal Transformation

Our Fractal Transformation technology has engineered the infinite complexity of the Mandelbrot fractal.

Data is secured within the Mandelbrot fractal with non-deterministic infinitely complex and unpredictable fractal streams.

Fractal Transformation has nothing in common with classic encryption:

Classic Encryption Fractal Transformation
Key Acts directly on the payload via algorithm Identifies one of ∞ fractal portals
Algorithm Block encryption controlled by key shape Fractal stream generation from portal
Actions Add key, substitute, row shift, column mix Unpredictable fractal stream offsets payload
Determinism All steps are deterministic No steps are deterministic
Cipher Payload scrambled by algorithm Payload offset/replaced by fractal stream
Key size Fixed, 128-bit, 192-bit, or 256-bit Unlimited
Block size 128-bit or 256-bit, encryption is in blocks Unlimited, transform matches payload size
Vulnerability Brute force with quantum computers Impenetrable by any means

Fractal Transformation is a new art and science.

Fractal Encryption Standard

Portalz has developed a Fractal Encryption Standard (FES) as a quantum safe replacement for AES.

FES is a standardised configuration of Fractal Transformation.

FES is now available as a windows 32 and 64 bit DLL. Linux and Mac versions are scheduled for 2025.

Our DLLs can be licensed for inclusion in any new or existing Microsoft Windows software.

Classic Encryption is Penetrable

While it is widely believed that current encryption standards such as AES are impenetrable, this has never been the case.

All classic encryption, including AES, is brute-force penetrable by conventional computers given processing time, and by Quantum MPMP AI in near real time.

There is a pervading ‘false sense of encryption security’.

“It’s encrypted” has been the answer to so many security questions since AES was adopted and standardized by the US Government in 2001.

A typical claim by classic cryptographers:

“Cipher suits utilizing a 128-bit or higher key, like AES, will not be able
to be brute-forced due to the total amount of keys of 3.4028237e+38 possibilities”

This was never true, even for conventional computers, as the key could be discovered within the first million or so brute force attempts.

Quantum computers accelerate a brute-force attack to near real-time.

Classic encryption such as AES was ‘pretty good’ in the pre-quantum world, but is now vulnerable and penetrable.

Obsolete encryption is the urgent risk that must be addressed by every layer of IT as it undermines all data and communication security.

Impenetrable Security

Portalz is proud to deliver the first penetrable encryption - Fractal Transformation.

We can guarantees security of data at rest, in transit and internet communications.

We have engineered the infinite complexity of the Mandelbrot Fractal to transform payloads to impenetrable ciphers.

Unpredictable fractal streams emerge from infinite portals to transform the payload.

This is new and revolutionary 2^ security that also breaks key determinism.

Fractal Transformation keys are unlimited with infinite 2^ possibilities compared to fixed 2^128 or 2^256 possibilities of standard encryption.

Infinity is not just a very big number!

To appreciate the infinity of fractal complexity take a look at a fractal zoom:

One of an infinite number of possible zooms to explore...

We have delivered Guaranteed Impenetrable Security by engineering fractal infinity.

Please see:


for more technical information and explanation.

Quantum Attack

A global security storm is upon us.

Quantum Attack is unlike anything the World has ever known.

This storm is powered by AI, massively parallel and quantum computers.

Its force is undermining trust and destroying the security of IT systems, databases and communications by cracking classic encryption in near real-time.

It is a clear and present danger as evidenced by this White House Memorandum mandating this must be fixed:

Post-Quantum Solution

Our first impenetrable Fractal Transformation solution, Quantum Bunker® has launched.

The result of six years of fractal security R&D and proven impenetrable core technologies, Quantum Bunker® is now available for purchase by using the Shop link at the top of this page.

Quantum Bunker® Vault
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