Quantum Proof Security
Revolutionary Technology Our fractal transformation security revolution
Quantum Computer Storm The entire internet, server and communications framework is at risk
Solving Legacy Security Mostly a 'Fortress' approach, legacy security has been under constant assault
Versatile Solutions 2^∞ portals to quantum proof security

Revolutionary Technology

Fractal Transformation is the name of our cyber security technology.

FRAQ is the name of our Fractal Data Transformation process. We use the terms enfraq for quantum securing data and defraq for extraction.

Our FRAQ technology is not related to common encryption and is the product of five years of fractal security R&D. This has yielded unprecedented discoveries and expertise in this new and revolutionary field of data security transformation.

There are three core properties of Data fraqued by the Quantum Bunker:

  1. The transformed cypher-block no longer contains the original payload
  2. There is no key-payload-cypher determinism
  3. Key and fractal transform have infinite 2^ possibilities

This contrasts with common encryption where the encrypted data contains all the payload (scrambled) and the key has a deterministic link to the cypher-block.

Quantum Bunker transformed data does not contain any trace of the payload, in other words the payload CANNOT be reconstituted from the transformed data.

Quantum Bunker is up to the challenge posed by Quantum Computers, as we use technologies and equations that yield infinite and unpredictable complexity during the transformation.

Quantum Computer Storm

Private, commercial, government and military data security depend on industry standard encryption.

Quantum computers crack industry standard encryption.

The integrity & security of personal, business, public service and defence data is undermined.

Apps, logins, banking portals, databases and communications are universally vulnerable.

A surprising revelation to most IT workers.

How is this possible, how can new quantum computers break industry standard encryption?

It is made possible by two factors:

  1. Quantum Computers break the encryption/decryption asymmetry of common encryption
  2. Conventional encrypted data still contains all of the original payload - albeit scrambled

This applies to all encryption standards as well as other non-standard encryption such as Twofish.

Portalz has developed revolutionary FRAQ security technology invulnerable to these factors.

Solving Legacy Security Vulnerability

Quantum Computers are the most recent and dangerous incursion to Legacy Security Systems used by the private, corporate, government and defence sectors.

Siege Mostly a 'Fortress' approach, the walls being secure server hosts & firewalls, and the gate being encryption systems, legacy security has been under constant 24/365 assault by well funded attackers battering the gate and scaling the walls. Once inside, attackers use sophisticated methods to discover the keys and vault location, the plain text treasure is theirs.

Quantum computers dramatically increase vulnerability at the fortress gate and encrypted vault data.

Quantum Bunker technology brings invisible keys to secure the gate and transform vault data out of reach of attackers, including quantum computers.

All that an attacker will ever see is grey dust.

Versatile Quantum Proof Solutions

Our Portalz logo describes a portal to another dimension. We have discovered 2^ portals to infinitely complex and unpredictable 2^ transformation.

Portal mapping is customised per-client, meaning that your Quantum Bunker product is the only one able to access your data.

Quantum Bunker is a combination of technologies to address the urgent necessity to secure your enterprise against quantum attack:

Quantum Proofing is extremely challenging, yet it is the prerequisite for future data and systems security & integrity.

We are not aware of any other guaranteed quantum proof security solution.

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