Quantum Vulnerability

Private, commercial, government and military data security depend on industry standard encryption.

Quantum computers threaten industry standard encryption security.

The security of personal, business, government and defence data is threatened.

Apps, logins, banking portals, databases and internet communications are vulnerable.

The biggest security threat in history.

Is this threat present now?

  1. The Quantum Security Threat is predicted and acknowledged by IT experts.
  2. It is a clear and present danger acknowledged by the highest levels of security and intelligence agencies.
  3. The power of commercially available Quantum Computers is now becoming cryptanalytically relevant
  4. A mandate to address the threat has been issued by the White House.

Yes, this is a present threat!

Quantum Proof Cryptography

Portalz has patented a guaranteed Quantum Proof data transformation solution.

The effect of our transformation technology is similar to encryption in that a key and algorithm create a crypt-block from a payload.

The difference is that our transformed crypt-block no longer contains the payload (scrambled or otherwise) and the key has no link to the shape to the crypt-block.

The payload has literally vanished.

Licensed Closed Source

Our data transformation technology is a significant departure from conventional algorithmic encryption.

While NIST and other agencies are only considering Quantum Resistant Encryption Solutions that are open source and where inventors have forfeited all rights, our guaranteed solution is closed source with internationally patent pending IP.

Our threat analysis has identified open source security solutions to contribute to their vulnerability.

Further, the considerable R&D involved to evolve and refine our guaranteed Quantum Proof solution requires considerable resources.

Our solutions are available as licensed closed source IP.

For further information please contact info@portalz.solutions.