Corporate Bunker

Quantum Bunker®

Quantum Bunker® guarantees data security for your logins, keys and personal information in the post-quantum age.

Common encryption is penetrable and insecure in the quantum computer age. All existing password managers and key store methods use common encryption.

Instead of common encryption, Quantum Bunker® uses revolutionary Impenetrable Fractal Transformation to secure your vault.

Custom Per-Company Mapping

Each corporate vault is custom compiled and assembled with a unique fractal mapping for the company owner.

You receive a unique Quantum Bunker® vault application that ensures only your staff can open your vault files. Other owners will also have unique fractal mappings, so no-one else can open your vault even if they discover your password.

Company mappings do not overlap with personal or military mappings.

Quantum Bunker® Screen-shots

Once you open your vault you can manage all your secure logins and personal information:

Security timers clean the clipboard after you have used it to log in, and lock the vault if it is not used:

Quantum Bunker® Features

Quantum Bunker® is the result of five years of R&D in fractal security by a team with 30 years of professional systems analyst and software development experience.

We are proud to deliver a seamless user experience, including the following features:

We are developing secure cloud backup to synchronise your devices. This can also be achieved with MS OneDrive, IDrive, Google Drive, etc.

Quantum Bunker® Benefits

The Quantum Bunker® mission is to put an end to the global explosion of cyber-attacks, hacker extortion, loss of privacy, identity, client data and money.

We know this is a big ask, but we are making a start at the top of the security pyramid - login, key and personal information storage.

Benefits include:

Quantum Bunker® is the security hub for a range of products planned for future release.

Corporate Vault

This is the corporate version of Quantum Bunker® that can be installed on all of your companies devices as OS versions become available.

The OS release schedule is as follows: