DNA Trust Database
Data Neutral Architecture Integrates Quantum Proof Security and Quantum Secure Trust Services
Enterprise Systems Legacy Solutions to legacy security and structural limitations
Future Proofing Challenging the entrenched IT curriculum
Learning from Nature DNA is the simplest and most flexible data architecture
Legacy Schemas Comparing Crystal with DNA structure

Portalz Data Neutral Architecture (DNA)

Portalz DNA is a revolutionary and perfected synergy of application architecture, impenetrable security and guaranteed trust services.

Portalz DNA delivers core benefits unobtainable by conventional architectures, including:

Portalz DNA responds instantly to real world changes in storage requirements and allows customisation per record or entity. When new products with new features require storage this can be delivered rapidly at low risk.

Portalz DNA architecture seamlessly and transparently integrates Quantum Proof Security and Quantum Secure Trust Services.

Portalz DNA is a post-quantum future proof Enterprise Foundation.

Enterprise Systems Legacy

Portalz has solutions to legacy security and structural limitations.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set
that created them.”
Albert Einstein

Legacy software architecture and database engineering has limitations inherited from our relational database history. Many of our architectural and security paradigms have been adopted as 'the way IT is done' and are embedded in IT curriculum.

Very rarely does the accepted norm get challenged.

Our team has investigated core assumptions in our search for solutions and have discovered the cause of numerous problems assumed to be 'the cost of doing IT'. In the course of 20 years of R&D our revolutionary solutions have challenged the status quo.

Core assumptions investigated:

With the advent of Quantum Computer threats to all encryption based security and rising demand for Trust Platforms, legacy IT problems are dramatically highlighted.

We needed to start from the ground up because conventional norms cannot deliver future requirements!

Future Proofing Enterprise Systems

Portalz solutions to entrenched legacy problems have evolved over 20 years of R&D and commercial enterprise platforms delivered with our revolutionary architectures and technologies.

Our database architecture is similar to biologic Database, natures flexible database structure. By comparison, legacy databases are rigid and crystalline.

Our Data Neutral Architecture is our primary catalyst for future trust platforms:

Pillars DNA Quantum Proof Trust

Portalz Database architecture seamlessly integrates revolutionary Quantum Proof Data Security and Quantum Secure Blockchain Trust.

The resulting architecture is a perfect synergy of:

Engineers remain focused on client deliverables as unprecedented service re-use; security and trust manifest transparently.

Portalz revolutionary concepts and paradigms challange the accepted IT curriculum and lay the foundation for a robust, unlimited and secure IT future.

Learning from Nature

Portalz DNA is a ERAD configurable Trust Platform Architecture similar to biologic Database.

“Viewed as a data structure, biologic DNA is the
simplest, most powerful and flexible database schema.”
Wolfgang Flatow

Yet the 'accepted norm' in database architecture is more like crystals; rigid, brittle and resistant to change. Like the foundations of a skyscraper, the building (platform application) must conform to the exact structure of tables, columns and relationships. Design changes are slow, expensive and risky.

What makes the difference?

Conventional table-per-object database schemas fix the data structure in tables, columns (fields) and relationships of the core schema. To change the data structure the core schema must be changed, requiring corresponding service and UI code changes, unit testing and server roll-outs. This can be compared to crystal structure that is determined by its molecular shape.

Our Data Neutral Architecture defines data structure without the need to change the core schema. To change structure data is changed in the DNA schema. Generic service and UI code does not need to be changed. This can be compared to biologic DNA structure that remains the same for all living beings yet allows infinite variability and flexibility.

Conventional compare Conventional

Legacy Table-per-Object Schemas

Schema design and changes are a well known bottleneck in legacy enterprise architecture. What is not so well known are the stifling effects caused by legacy schema growth.

Legacy database schemas must grow with every new entity and property!

Conventional enterprise schemas typically contain hundreds or thousands of tables with unique columns and relationships. As a schema grows past one hundred tables the following symptoms emerge:

The negative effect of these symptoms on enterprise system development cannot be overstated. There is a long list of enterprise dinosaurs that can no longer evolve as the cost and risk of further development is no longer viable.

Quantum Proof Trust
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