Prove us Wrong
Our Challenge Our challenge to professional cryptographers
Challenge Vault File The vault file released for the challenge
Challenge Response Send us any payload test candidate

Our Challenge

If you are a cryptographic expert or organisation and you wish to apply your penetration tests to our cypher we welcome any and all penetration attempts on our Challenge Vault File.

Despite the generally accepted cryptographic principle:

There is no such thing as unhackable, uncrackable or impenetrable encryption

We maintain that, for reasons beyond common cryptography, our fraqing (fractal transformation) technology is genuinely 100% guaranteed impenetrable.

Therefore our challenge should be very attractive to professional cryptographers as:

  1. To prove an impenetrable claim wrong or right is prestigious
  2. As cryptographic experts it is your mission and business to prove us wrong
  3. You will learn about an entirely new cryptographic paradigm

The Quantum Computer threat is clear and present. Our impenetrable by any technology claim includes Quantum Computers. Our security does not rely on encryption/decryption asymmetry.

Quantum Bunker® Vault File

The Challenge Vault File is generated by our Quantum Bunker® application for Windows.

Development has been completed, the vault is undergoing rigorous testing and is scheduled for release in October 2023.

We can open the Quantum Bunker® file with the correct combination, expand the folder structure and read the secured information.

You will be able to verify the contents with your own copy of Quantum Bunker® following the
31st December 2023 when the vault combination will be published on this page.

However, there is no need to wait until then to try to prove us wrong and crack the vault.

The Quantum Bunker® Challenge vault contains plain English information that you are challenged to extract from the Challenge Vault File by any means at your disposal, including Quantum Computers.

Quantum Bunker® implements data compression and fractal transformation (fraqing) with a specific fixed Vault Combination to generate the Challenge Vault File.

Download the Quantum Bunker® Challenge Vault file:


PLEASE NOTE, the following XML is included at the end of the ChallengeBunker.txt file:

This allows for application, fraqing and client versioning; it is not part of the payload!

Challenge Response

To check if any part of the payload has been discovered, please email your candidate to:

We will respond to all attempts and include any match result.

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