Quantum File Bunker
Quantum File Bunker Guarantee data security for you and your clients sensitive documents
RAM Drive Workspace The secure storage and workspace in RAM
Securing your Digital Treasure HDD and SSD storage devices are not secure
Sensitive Data Threats Today’s cyber-security best practice is clearly vulnerable
Data Fortress The fortress security paradigm is inadequate
Encryption Security Common encryption is undermined by Quantum Computers and AI
HDD and SSD Security Hacker utilities can recover your deleted files

Quantum File Bunker

Quantum File Bunker guarantees data security for you and your clients sensitive documents.

Data Fortress

Our Impenetrable Fractal Transformation technology guarantees that no sensitive plain-text file ever resides on your PC or Server permanent storage.

RAM Drive Workspace

Download, create, edit and save your work on a RAM Disk Drive managed by Quantum File Bunker just as you would on your C:\, D:\ or other disk drive.

Configure database and other automatic backups to save to the RAM Disk Drive. RAM Drive

Work stored on the RAM Drive is automatically fractal transformed (fraqed) and stored on your chosen HHD or SSD folder on your PC or network server (QFB Folder).

Importantly, no clear-text is saved to the QFB Folder! There is no possibility of un-deleting clear-text files using recovery utilities or hacker tools.

The work file can be cleanly deleted from and restored to the RAM disk, without deleting fraqed QFB Folder files.

Securing your Digital Treasure

If your sensitive client data treasure is stored using our Impenetrable Fractal Transformation technology, it remains secure even if your cyber-fortress is penetrated.

Secure Drive

The security mantra of the post AI Quantum Computer age is:

No sensitive clear-text data may be stored!

There must not be any sensitive clear-text data stored on HDD or SSD storage devices, and as common encryption is now penetrated by Quantum Computers, sensitive data must be stored using impenetrable technology.

Sensitive Data Threats

Your confidential data files are compromised by multiple threats:

  1. AI assisted Hackers
  2. Quantum Computer encryption cracking
  3. Vulnerable PC, IT and network fortress walls and gates
  4. Insecure permanent storage hardware

Major companies and government departments are being hacked and extorted daily!

Hackers have penetrated their data fortress and obtained the sensitive data as clear text documents and database backups stored on their servers and PCs.

Companies invest big on defeating hacker attacks to preserve their reputation and client base, yet today’s cyber-security best practice is clearly vulnerable...

Data Fortress

Data Fortress

Sensitive client documents residing on PCs, Laptops and Network Servers in plain-text or conventionally encrypted are a major security risk.

Conventional cyber-security tries to secure them with digital fortress walls, gates and sentries to prevent unauthorised access.

This is clearly inadequate.

When the gate-lock is picked, the gate smashed down, the wall penetrated or scaled, the sentries disabled or bribed, the digital treasure is lost.

Windows file encryption

Encryption Security

Since the arrival of powerful Quantum Computers and confirmation that they can crack common encryption, we conclude that common encryption is obsolete and no longer reliable.

Common encryption used to secure keys, encrypt files and folders, databases etc is undermined by Quantum Computers and AI.

This is a problem acknowledged by governments, military and intelligence Worldwide.

HDD and SSD Security


It may be a surprise to learn that hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD) are not secure.

You cannot reliably delete files from either drive type!


While overwrite-delete utilities can be used on HDDs (still unreliable), this does not work for SSDs that always write to new bits to extend drive life.

Hacker utilities can recover your deleted files!

DNA Database Structure
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